How Okeniyi Femi revolutionising Nigerian real estate sector

In a bold stride towards shaping the future of the Nigerian real estate sector, Okeniyi Oladayo Femi, the visionary Managing Partner of Shelter Nest Realty, is spearheading a paradigm shift that underscores the pivotal role of dedication and unwavering consistency in property sales and development.

Femi stands as a trailblazer, advocating the profound importance of establishing unwavering trust with clients, a defining test within the dynamic realm of real estate. He candidly acknowledges the formidable challenge that emerging professionals encounter in a domain often dominated by seasoned industry giants. Nevertheless, Femi steadfastly believes that surmounting this initial hurdle paves the path to a truly fulfilling career in real estate marketing.

Amidst the intricate fabric of Nigeria’s business landscape, Femi emerges as a beacon of success, demonstrating how unwavering dedication can defy all odds.

Shelter Nest Realty, under his astute leadership, stands as a testament to the potential for thriving even amidst the most challenging circumstances, fueled by Femi’s tenacious commitment.

Drawing invaluable insights from the disruptive upheaval of 2020, a year profoundly impacted by the global pandemic, Femi emphasizes the crucial skill of swiftly adapting to unforeseen circumstances. He underscores the urgency for businesses to cultivate an innate ability to pivot, particularly during times of turbulence, ensuring continued success.

Shelter Nest Realty, guided by Femi’s visionary approach, has risen to prominence as a preeminent force in Nigeria’s real estate marketing landscape, boasting an impressive and engaged following on Instagram. Femi attributes this exceptional achievement to his innovative mindset, pioneering the concept of showcasing available properties on the platform, leading to remarkable sales outcomes and setting new industry standards.

Notably, Femi and his dedicated team maintain an unwavering focus, dedicating their efforts solely to the realm of real estate. This resolute approach amplifies their dedication, a defining trait that sets them apart.

For their remarkable dedication and consistent efforts, Okeniyi Oladayo Femi and his accomplished team have garnered significant recognition within the industry.

Their unwavering commitment secured them the prestigious 2018 Young Entrepreneurs Award for Best Real Estate Marketing Company. This accolade was followed by another remarkable achievement in 2020, as Shelter Nest Realty clinched the coveted GMYT Academy Award for Real Estate.

Unshakable pillar of integrity is Integral to their brand’s core values, a principle forged through unwavering consistency in interactions with clients.

Femi’s steadfast philosophy, blended with innovative strategies, propels Shelter Nest Realty and himself to the forefront of Nigeria’s real estate landscape, reshaping its trajectory and heralding a brighter future for aspiring homeowners and dedicated professionals.

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