Highlights from Our 2024 yearly Retreat (Maiden Edition)

Welcome to the gallery showcasing the memorable moments from Shelter Nest Realty Maiden Edition of the Yearly Retreat. Explore the images below to get a glimpse of the camaraderie, learning, and fun that characterized this special event.

Keynote Speaker with the Team
Group photo
Group discussions during breakout sessions
Sharing insights and brainstorming ideas in a strategy session


The retreat provided a fantastic opportunity to connect with colleagues from different departments and strengthen our teamwork.

Mr. Dayo Okeniyi

Attending the retreat was a transformative experience. I came back feeling inspired and energized to tackle new challenges.

Mr. Tobi Agbaje

As a new employee, attending the retreat helped me feel welcomed and integrated into the company culture. It’s amazing to be part of a team that values growth, collaboration, and fun!

Ms. Tade Adedeji

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